The multitalented Zouk/R&B singer Johnny Ramos has been responsible for many hits since he stepped into the music game. Being one of the originators of “ Mobass” and a member of “ Splash!” he has delivered time and time again. Not to mention the countless appearences on various compilation albums, Johnny somehow always succeeded in performing one of the hottest tracks of the album. After a 3 year absence in the PALOPS ( African Portuguese speaking countries) he finally released his first solo album ( Só Jota) in 2004 on the independent label Miss Jane records. After the release there hasn’t been a club, radio or stage in the PALOPS where Johnny’s music hasn’t been played,listened, or danced to. Being nominated with his hitsingle “ Largal” for best west african male at the 2005 KORA AWARDS, Johnny was going to claim his 2nd award in his career, after winning his 1st award in 2002 at the cabo Music Awards for best compilation album 2002 in Holland. Unfortunately Johnny didn’t win the award but never the less, being nominated and being played at MTV Base Africa has certainly given a boost to his career. Although there is still a high demand for his songs and his agenda is fully booked for months in advance, and the fact that markets outside the PALOPS are starting to notice the music of Johnny Ramos, the singer,songwriter and producer, decided to head back to the studio and work on his second album, which is planned for release in July 2008. This time it wont’t be on the label  Miss jane Records but  on Johnny’s own company ” Just Jay Records .Just to warm up the fans prior to the release of the album, in December 2007  Just Jay Records released  an EP (Extended play) containing three fresh new tracks and one bonus track previously released on a compilation album ( Elite).